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Essentials High Performance Advanced High Speed Ethernet Cable

Blazing Fast and Ready for Today--and Tomorrow's--Bandwidth Needs

Any Ethernet cable can deliver Web content. However, HD video, digital music, multiplayer games played on your computer or game console, and digital media players demand the fastest connection possible. Monster® Advanced™ High Speed Ethernet Cable delivers blazing fast CAT6 speed up to 10 Gbps, so your home entertainment network will be future ready for even higher definition movies, music, and games.

Monster Construction for Less

The Monster Essentials line delivers the quality for which we are known, with prices anyone can afford. Essentials Ethernet cables feature Advanced High Speed XLN® construction with twisted pair ratio to minimize crosstalk for high speed data delivery. Separate wire channels reduce crosstalk and interference for maximum signal transfer. Monster’s ultra-flexible Duraflex® protective jacket means easy routing and installation in tight spaces.

Available in 7 or 12 feet.