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Monster CleanTouch 2.0 for Screens

Part two of  Monster’s Two-Part Clean and Shield™ System, the wash and wax system for screens, CleanTouch® 2.0 shields the screen for a long-lasting clean. 

Monster’s ‘Wash and Wax’ System for Cleaner Screens, longer
Just like a car wash and wax, this Two-Part Clean and Shield™ System cleans deeper with ScreenClean™ 2.0 and then shields the clean with CleanTouch® 2.0. For an absolutely clean TV screen, a smudge-free tablet, or a laptop display that shines, Monster’s system is the solution, letting you go longer between screen cleanings.

Step 1 - Obtain a Deeper Clean with ScreenClean™ (sold separately)
For a cleaner screen, just spray and wipe ScreenClean™ 2.0, the only solution that goes one step beyond clean by erasing smudges, eradicating grime, and eliminating fingerprints for a deep, deep clean. This is the deepest possible clean that you can get safely.

Step 2 - CleanTouch® 2.0 Sheilds the Clean
Letting you go longer between screen cleanings, CleanTouch® 2.0 leaves behind a repellant micro thin layer that wards off fingerprints, dirt, and dust, while protecting against microbial growth long after the cleaning is complete. For a cleaner screen, longer, CleanTouch® 2.0 shields the clean.
Completely streak-free finish unlike competitive products

  • Go longer between cleanings thanks to a repellant micro thin layer
  • Wards off microbial growth and repels dust and fingerprints
  • No-drip gel won’t destroy delicate electronics
Avoid eye contact – rinse with wate