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Screen Cleaner & MicroFiber Cloth for smart phone, laptop, etc. - Monster iClean

Keep it Clean and Brilliant
Alcohol-free, ammonia-free solution safely removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from computer and portable electronics (camcorder, tablet, smartphone, etc.) screens and displays.

Monster® iClean™ Screen Cleaner and MicroFiber™ cloth(s).
iClean Family Size: large bottle of iClean and two MicroFiber™ cloths.
iClean travel pack: two small bottles of iClean and a special MicroFiber™ cloth for portable electronics.

Liquid Gel Stays Where you Spray
Unlike ordinary glass cleaners, iClean won't drip into delicate electronics. iClean solution contains a special polymer to protect your display, while reducing static electricity that attracts dust.

Handle with Care
Alcohol-free, ammonia-free formula cleans electronic displays without damaging its protective coating. Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints from tablet, laptop, smart phone and television. Caution: Keep away from children. To prevent potential damage, be sure iClean is compatible with your product/display before using. If the product you are cleaning requires soap and water only, do not use iClean.