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Monster Essentials Subwoofer Cable - Best RCA Subw

    If you're passionate about your home theater and gaming system, make sure you're able to maximize your audio setups low-end by using the best subwoofer cable possible; This Monster Essentials RCA Subwoofer Cable can be ideally used to connect subwoofer speakers to your sound system to get excellent bass response
    Made using Monster's advanced cable technologies, our RCA subwoofer cable allows you to enjoy deep, rich sound quality with the low-loss, wide spectrum cable; You'll also avoid hearing that pesky hum and buzz since our Monster subwoofer cable designed to pick up low-frequency signals
    To ensure long-lasting use, the Monster Essentials RCA Subwoofer Cable is designed with a Duraflex protective jacket that resists slicing and external wear so you can enjoy deep, articulate bass for longer than what most cables can deliver
    Constructed with 24K gold-plated RCA connectors, this subwoofer cable is able to reduce corrosion and tarnish, while at the same time aid in delivering maximum signal transfer and higher fidelity audio
    Monster has set the standard for high quality sound delivery, and our warranty protection is an extension of our promise to bring you nothing but the best; Monster set the standard with the Original Lifetime Cable Warranty, which means the Monster Essentials Subwoofer Cable is covered by our 100% replacement guarantee, so you’ll be a Monster for Life

You'll never miss that bass drop with the Monster Essentials Subwoofer Cable.

Ordinary cables can cause subwoofers to emit unwanted buzzes and hums that get louder and more intrusive with volume. But connect this RCA subwoofer cable, designed to pick up low frequency signals, to any audio component like a sound system and start maximizing your system’s low-end for truly exciting movie and gaming sound effects. Poor cable construction can mean muddled, uninspired subwoofer performance. This subwoofer cable is constructed using Monster's advanced cable technologies. featuring 24k gold-plated corrosion-resistant connectors that not only reduce tarnish but also ensure that there will be no signal interference, making it the best subwoofer cable to have on hand.

Made with a Duraflex jacket, the Monster Essentials RCA Subwoofer Cable is protected from external slicing and tear so that you can keep enjoying deep, articulate bass for longer than what most cables out there can deliver.