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Monster S310 Bluetooth Speaker

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  • 【Pure Monster Sound】The Monster S310 Bluetooth speaker is designed and engineered by Noel Lee and the Monster Design Team in the USA. From 40 years of sound engineering fine-tuned to deliver the most impactful music experience possible. Dynamics with substantial deep bass punch, clarity and details revealed, and no distortion at any level.
  • 【Bluetooth Speakers】30W True Wireless Stereo Pairing-connect two 30W Monster S310 speakers together through a single device to create independent left and right channels with 60W audio performance. 360° stereo sound effect, truly enjoy the surround sound of the cinema, a truly unparalleled listening experience.
  • 【Portable Bluetooth Speaker】Bluetooth 5.2 Monster Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can connect to devices up to 100 feet away without interference even in difficult conditions. The Bluetooth 5.2 chip easily reads music playlists and connects to smart phones. It is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that is very suitable for outdoor sports and cycling sports.
  • 【Long battery life】With the top-of-the-line rechargeable li-ion battery,listen to up 24 hours of continuous music playback at the appropriate volume,so that music can be played non-stop from day to night.Let your work and study no longer be boring.
  • 【Waterproof Speaker】The Monster waterproof Bluetooth speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, therefore is applicable in shower room,by the pool or beach,or even rainy riding. Don't worry about weather and outdoor conditions. Become a rock music in your journey.