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Cable For Life


Cable For Life

Monster Cable for Life Performance Promise

Only Monster Protects Your Cable for Life

Monster designs its advanced cables for HDMI™ to meet and exceed the highest of High Definition Multimedia Interface standards. As Digital TVs and sources continue to improve and data requirements increase, Monster® will continue to build cables that lead in performance.

If the audio and video components you purchase in the future ever surpass the performance of select Monster® cables you buy today, Monster® will upgrade these cables absolutely free.


How it works

Under the HDMI Cable For Life Program, the purchase of this cable entitles you to HDMI cable upgrades should this cable not be able to handle the data capacity demands of HDMI equipped components you may purchase in the future.

UPGRADE ELIGIBILITY: You are eligible for upgrades, if in the future, your components' requirements for HDMI connectivity surpass the cable's performance capabilities. Like in home networking, changes in data speed require changes in cable capacity. Monster® is committed to being ahead of the High Definition Multimedia Interface technology curve and guarantees that performance to you.
The data rates required by your components are easily obtained by reviewing your components specifications, such as "1080p," "Deep Color," and other feature sets that manufacturers incorporate into their components.

If you experience problems, such as no picture, after you have upgraded your components it may be a result of your cable's inability to transfer data at the component's required data rate.
Please visit our Web site, consult your dealer, or call our help desk to easily check if you have a possible capacity problem.
Tell us which components you are connecting, and we will advise you if the specifications of the components you own have advanced beyond the cable's performance capabilities. If your cable capacity is adequate, your connectivity issue may not be the result of the cable. If the problem lies elsewhere in your connectivity chain, your retailer can help you troubleshoot your system.