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Dance Your Ass Off

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Do you have what it takes to perform alongside some of the best dancers in the world? Enter the Monster Blaster Dance Your Ass Off Competition and you might become a world champ at the 9th Annual World Latin Dance Cup!

1)Record your top dance moves for one minute - no more, no less. One minute to leave it all on the floor.

2)Post your clip to Facebook, Instagram, or Tiwtter.

3)Follow @MonsterProducts and tag your submission with #Danceyourassoff, #DAYO. BONUS: Use a Blaster, Ravebox, or ANY Monster speaker as playback for your choreography and double your chances of winning!


1. Dancers of all ages are welcome.

2. All styles of dance are accepted. From Latin, break-dancing, hip-hop to contemporary. Which dance style will be #1 in the world?

3. Entries can include soloists, duos, trios, small groups and large groups.

4. All choreography must be submitted through your social media accounts and use appropriate hashtags. a.#DAnceyourassoff b.#DYAO

5. There is no limit to number of entries a dancer, dance group, dance couple or dance studio may submit.

6. All dance routines (including choregraphy), music choices, and attire must be appropriate for family viewing.

7. Uploaidng or performing someone else's choreography as your own is not allowed. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

8. The top 50 contestants will be chosen based on the following criteria: a. Number of likes on social media submissions, and b. Votes by the International Judges.

9. Competitors can physically qualify at various dance festivals around the world catered to their specific genres.

10. Final winners will have a chance to complete at the grand finale in Oriando, FLorida December 16th 2018.

World Latin Dance Cup

The World Latin Dance Cup is the worlds largest and most prestigious Latin dance competition with over 35 countries and cities globally represtend by over 2,000 competitors. The competitions focus is on Latin Dance including styles of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango and urban street dance in over 120 divisions. The mission of the World LAtin Dance Cup is to bring the world together through ashared love and appreciation of Latin music and dance. This year's World Latin dance cup will be held at the beautiful Wyndham resort hotel in Orlando, Florida December 10th- 17th 2018.

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