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Gaynell Colburn

Inspirational Speaker, Essence Award Recipient, Prolific Percussionist, Gifted Singer and Beloved Humanitarian.

Gaynell Colburn triumphed over childhood poverty and abuse to become a high-school track star, honor student and drumming prodigy. Just as she was getting her life on track, she was struck by a drunk driver, suffering traumatic head injuries and multiple fractures, and leaving Gaynell a parapalegic. Through her deep faith and dauntless fortitude, she persevered to become a world famous percussionist, working with some of the greatest artists and entertainers in the world, including Stevie Wonder. She has earned three academic degrees and become an inspirational speaker and medical consultant. Dr. Colburn’s story of triumph, and unique voice of hope, has been an inspiration for people around the world.

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