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HD Plasma, LCD, DLP


HD Plasma, LCD, DLP

Plasma, LCD Flatscreen HDTVs and 4K TVs

High-Definition Televisions (HDTV) can provide anincredible picture, but only with the right connections

  • Get the highest resolution video (1080p) using HDMI cables that carry video and audio signals. For lower resolution High Definition HDTV video (720p, 1080i) use DVI or component video cables. S-Video and composite video cables should only be used when on other video connections are not available.
  • To get Dolby Digital® and DTS® surround sound, you need to use HDMI, fiber optic or coaxial digital audio cables.
  • How far is your plasma from your video source? Make sure you get the right cable lengths.
  • Get the best possible picture and sound with protection from surges and spikes using a Monster® PowerCenterTM with Clean Power®.