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HDMI and Custom Installation


HDMI and Custom Installation

Monster® is a leader in HDMI™ for Custom Installation. Monster CI™ cables for HDMI™ deliver true 1080p performance at some of the longest lengths on the market. They also feature extra-durable connectors, protective jackets, and CL-3 fire rating certification for safe, reliable in-wall installation.

Monster Advanced™ for HDMI™ cables are designed to withstand the abuse that comes with in-wall installations. Pulling HDMI cables through walls and small holes, bending cables around sharp corners, and tugging on connectors to pull them through ceiling or TV mounts can significantly affect cable performance. Monster's rugged connectors, oversized conductors, and meshed jackets protect cables from damage.

Monster Advanced™ for HDMI™ cables give customers the peace of mind that their custom install cables will work with the best gear now and in the future without costly upgrades and rewiring. Remember, it costs much more to pull out an inexpensive cable than to install a properly designed and tested one at the start.