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HDMI and Large Displays


HDMI and Large Displays

People's appetite for larger and larger HD screens seems insatiable. It was only two years ago that a 40-inch flatscreen display was considered large. Today, 60-inch and 70-inch screens are now commonplace. Even more amazing, today's 100-inch screens are now the same price as yesterday's 60-inch displays.

Large high definition displays with larger pixels make video imperfections all the more obvious. Deterioration of data caused by lesser-quality HDMI™ cables can be seen more easily on larger displays. Artifacts, such as color banding and contouring, also become more visible on larger displays. In addition, motion artifacts at the slower refresh rate of 60 Hz are more visible, as are the smooth motion enhancements in faster-refreshing 90 Hz and 120 Hz displays.

Even as 1080p is taking hold, there is talk of monitors with even higher pixel densities, which put even greater data demands on HDMI™ cables. Monster® always strives to push the envelope in High Definition Multimedia cable technology and construction. That means increasing cable bandwidth and durability, so we always will fulfill the promise of HD picture quality.