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Hookup Guide


Hookup Guide

You've hooked up your brand new HDTV, DVD player, and AV receiver with their advanced HDMI connections. There's just one problem. There's no picture and sound! Wait, don't return the TV or cableMonster can help!

Follow our easy hookup tips to solve most HDMI connectivity issues, so you'll always enjoy the best possible picture and sound from your high definition components.

If you follow these hookup tips, but still can't get picture or sound, go to the Troubleshooting pages.

No picture and sound?

Check Your HDMI Connections 
Moving components can loosen connections. Double-check that you have connected your HDMI cable to an output on your component (Blu-ray Disc™ or HD DVD™, video game console or cable/satellite box, etc.) and to the input on your TV.

If you use an AV receiver for source switching and surround sound processing, connect your sources, (Blu-ray Disc™ or HD DVD™, cable/satellite box, etc.) to HDMI inputs on the back of your receiver Then connect an HDMI cable to the receiver's HDMI output to you're an HDMI input on the back of your TV.
Tip: HDMI connectors can be correctly inserted and removed one way- line up the long flat side and be sure cable ends and connections are properly aligned before inserting; avoid using excessive force.

Still not working?

Check that HDMI is setup and selected in your component's menu.
Not all TVs and components are set to use HDMI by default, and may not automatically detect the connection unless you go into the menu and select it.

(The component's owner's manual will refer to special settings with use of HDMI connections. You can also find a list of all menus and submenus.)
  • Make a second connection (usually a yellow composite video cable, supplied with the component) between your component and TV. Note the TV input you used in this connection.
  • Once attached, power on the AV source (DVD player, cable/satellite box, etc.).
  • Switch the TV's input to that of the component you just connected.
  • Press "menu" or "setup menu" on your component. Change its audio/video outputs to HDMI.
  • Finally, Check the TV's audio/video input menu. Switch it to HDMI, if necessary.
  • You may now disconnect the second connection you used.
Again, this is where an owner's manual will have more detailed, precise directions of how to setup your component's HDMI connection.

If you have an AV receiver, make sure its AV menu settings are also set to HDMI