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Media Center PCs

Your PC can be a full-blown, high definition audio-video entertainment hub, but only when you use the right connections.

Today's PCs are more than just productivity machines, they're entertainment centers too and better seen and heard through your home theater system, Monster makes it easy!

Since PCs are loaded and configured differently, you'll want to identify the best connection types available on your system.

  • If your TV (or A/V receiver) has an HDMI port, this is what you'll want to use for the video connection if offered on your media center PC. Some PCs also offer DVI output (video-only) connection, which can be used as well with TVs with DVI input.
  • Component Video connections offer results that are nearly as good as HDMI, and are commonly seen on many Media Center PCs, A/V receivers and TVs. This connection type can pass extremely crisp, sharp, high resolution video -- even HDTV formats like 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.
  • For audio, digital connections are best. Most Media Center PCs offer digital audio outputs. Choose a Monster Fiber Optic or Digital Coax cable to enjoy pristine surround and stereo sound through to your AV receiver. Some Media Center PCs may also offer digital audio output via the HDMI connection.
  • Don't forget speaker cables! Speakers often only sound as good as the signal quality being delivered. Connect your stereo or surround sound speakers with Monster whenever possible for maximum performance. (Note that some Media Center PCs have proprietary speaker connections or adapters that may prevent use of other cables.)
  • Use higher-performance Monster Ethernet and USB cables for networking, printer, digital camera and other peripheral connections to keep your Media Center PC humming!