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You won't believe the sound from your portable music player when played through your home audio system -- if you use the right cable.

For many, their iPod or other portable player is their main music source. But why only listen to your player through tiny earbuds or a small sound dock when you can hear it in fuller stereo sound through your home audio system? Just connect your player to your A/V receiver with Monster and you're good to go -- or stay!

  • Some iPod models are capable of presenting photos and videos, as well as sound through your home audio system. Monster iTV Link for iPod cable lets everyone enjoy the sights and sounds of your iPod and can connect your iPod directly to your TV or AV receiver!
  • Use a Monster iCable for iPod or MusicConnect audio cable to connect virtually any MP3 player to any unused auxiliary stereo audio input on your A/V receiver for room-filling sound.