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Monster Advanced for HDMI

Monster Advanced™ HDMI™ is your all-in-one audio and video connection to the most lifelike and exciting experiences in home entertainment. Today's cutting-edge HDTVs and high definition sources demand dramatically higher data rates than previous generations of AV components and place incredible bandwidth/performance demands on HDMI cables. In fact, today's most advanced components operate very close to the limits of current HDMI technology.

Take 1080p video with advanced 12-bit color, also called Deep Color, available right now from the PlayStation® 3. To experience this level of high definition performance, your HDMI cable must exceed the requirements of the HDMI 1.3a, CAT 1 specification, and support an astonishing cable data rate of 6.68 Gbps. That's more than six billion bits per second, six times the data rate required for standard DVD playback. That speed is also higher than what's required for Simplay HD verification. In other words, just because a cable is Simplay HD logo on the packaging, doesn't necessarily mean it supports Deep Color.
Below is an illustration of bandwidth requirements. The more picture and sound information that is transferred, the wider the bandwidth that is needed. You'll note that a DVD player transfers at data rate of .81 Gbps and needs a much smaller bandwidth than a Playstation 3 with a data transfer rate of 6.68 Gbps.
New HD Technologies Drive Higher Data Rates
Not every component features all advanced technologies, therefore different components and TVs have different data transfer rate requirements. That is, different components require different speeds.
This makes selecting the best cable for your HDTV or HD Home Theater more complex. To get all the performance you paid for, you need to buy a true high performance cable that's fully compliant with the most current HDMI standards, and preferably one that exceeds today's standards, so you don't have to upgrade your cable when you add or upgrade HD components in the future

Monster Advanced™ for HDMI™ is providing HD enthusiasts the helping hand they need. Monster Advanced for HDMI gives you a choice of five high performance speed-rated cables, specifically designed for various levels of high definition picture and sound. The other guys offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach, or at best, two cable options, without speed and performance guarantees.

For the best high definition experience, use an HDMI cable that delivers all of the picture and sound data your HD components require. Choose cables that are Simplay HD Verified and speed rated for the highest levels of high definition, now and in the future. Choose Monster Advanced for HDMI.

HDMI has been an evolving standard. Earlier versions of HDMI are will not support the same technologies of newer standards. Click here to see a history of HDMI versions and the technologies they support.