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Monster Performance Testing


Monster Performance Testing

Monster® Performance Testing

HDMI™ cables require proper testing to ensure they can meet the data rate demands of higher definition components.

The test standards themselves are new, and very few labs have the equipment to accurately test cables. Reviewers and writers who have done casual visual testing, without the proper test equipment and processes, have not always reported the quality differences between HDMI™ cables.

Monster® has always conducted state-of-the-art testing on its cables, including eye pattern tests?the industry accepted method of testing the performance of HDMI™ cables. We also submit our HDMI™ cables for third-party verification by Simplay HD™, the official testing and verification body for all High Definition Multimedia Interface products.

Monster® has found that HDMI™ cable performance can vary widely, if cables are not designed and manufactured to strict standards. Many HDMI™ cables being sold do not meet actual HDMI™ cable specifications. Often cables are acceptable for 1080i video but not 1080p video, requiring double the amount of throughput. Often picture degradation and artifacts that have been attributed to displays and sources are actually caused by poor cable performance.

Monster® tests 100% of its HDMI™ cables for quality so you know the cable will work when you install it. In addition to eye pattern testing, Monster® performs extensive environmental and durability testing, twisting and pulling on the connectors, as an installer would, to make sure signal integrity is maintained even under stress.