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Peter Miller

Peter Miller, current host of award-winning TV show Bass2Billfish has won numerous fishing tournaments and holds the distinction of being a 3x world fishing champion.

Monster is an award-winning electronics brand known for exceptional audio engineering and holds the distinction of consistently delivering powerful sound quality. Peter and Monster both represent an enduring legacy brand built upon passion, drive and consistency.

Powered by Monster means more than just power these days, as champion fishermen like Peter Miller use Monster to not only play music while they're fishing, but to honor a continuing legacy.

Experience the Sound of the Outdoors

The desire to create a memorable legacy has now come to fruition as Peter and Monster have formed a partnership to deliver a line of products designed to personify the ideals of an iconic brand.

If anyone is committed to developing a world-class product that exceeds all expectations without compromising integrity, it's Peter Miller and Head Monster Noel Lee.

Peter has spent 30+ years perfecting the craft of fishing, hosting his own show, and incorporating new technology into his brand. Noel is legendary for his innovative ideas that catapulted Monster from a relatively unknown company in 1978 to the premier electronic hardware company Monster is today.

There is no better way to experience the journey of creating a lasting brand than with this new speaker line.

So get powered by Monster...We promise you'll be hooked.

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