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Sat. Radio Receiver/Tuner


Sat. Radio Receiver/Tuner

Satellite Radio

This great new medium can deliver high-quality, commercial-free digital audio from the radio - only if you use the right connections.

Monster makes it easy to get the most out of this exciting, commercial-free digital audio format through your home theater system, even if your satellite radio receiver is a portable!

  • Satellite radio requires an antenna to receive programming. Most systems also require a line of sight between the antenna and the sky. Use Monster indoor or outdoor satellite radio antennas for the best possible reception.
  • Depending upon where your home is, or the location of your satellite receiver, you may need to use antenna extension cables for optimum placement of the antenna and best reception.
  • Most satellite receivers designed for the home feature digital audio outputs for connection to your A/V receiver. Use a Monster Fiber Optic cable to get the best sound from this type of setup.
  • Many portable plug-and-play satellite radio tuners, and their portable docks or cradles, use a mini-jack (headphone) to stereo pair for connection to a home A/V system. Now even your portable tuner can fill your home with rich, digital-clear sound!
  • When enjoying satellite radio in your car, use a Monster interior or exterior mounted satellite radio antenna for maximum performance and durability.