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Speakers and Subwoofers


Speakers and Subwoofers

Speaker Cable quality dramatically affects the sound quality of your speakers and subwoofers - so hook up with highest performance connections available. 

Speaker cables provide the final, critical link from your AV receiver to the only components that actually produce sound - your speakers. As a result, these connections can be some of the most important in your system.

  • Ordinary, thin-gauge speaker cable often delivers inferior sound quality, constraining power and dynamic range -- the range from the softest to the loudest sounds.
  • For the deepest, tightest bass, widest dynamic range and the cleanest highs, use high-performance Monster Cable. Monster's quality speaker cables provide maximum soundstage, imaging, and depth.
  • Not all subwoofers are connected by way of a speaker cable. Some use a single, special subwoofer interconnect cable. Monster's subwoofer cable retains all the body and integrity of even the lowest bass signals.
  • To help protect powered subwoofers from surges and spikes, use a Monster Subwoofer PowerCenterTM with Clean Power®.