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Video Game Consoles

Video Games (Example: Xbox 360)

The Xbox 360 offers high-definition video and surround sound gaming, but only if you take advantage of the right connections.

Capable of HDTV-quality video (up to 1080i) and true 5.1 channel surround sound, Xbox 360 is more than a console, it's a medium. Monster GameLink A/V Cables are officially licensed by Microsoft® and certified by THXTM to provide the most detailed and accurate presentation from Xbox 360.

  • The Xbox 360 uses a proprietary connector to output audio and video signals so you cant hook it up to you TV or AV receiver with standard AV cable. Monster GameLink AV Cables for Xbox 360 are the only the cables to feature this exclusive connector and are exclusively licensed by Microsoft.
  • Whether connecting to an HD-capable or non-HD TV, the best video connection you can make from the Xbox is a Component Video connection. This is the only Xbox 360 connection that will deliver high-definition video to an HD-capable TV.
  • If your TV doesn't have component video inputs, the next best video connection is an S-Video connection. This connection type can't deliver high-definition, but it will offer higher resolution gaming than basic composite video connections.
  • Audio quality is critical in creating the best gaming experience. Xbox 360 offers games in full digital surround sound. The only way to experience this is by connecting a Monster GameLink Fiber Optic Cable for Xbox 360 to your AV receiver.
  • If you don't have a surround sound system, you can still enjoy impressive sound from your Xbox 360 with Monster GameLink Xbox 360 cables that feature stereo audio connections.
  • To ensure reliable connectivity for the console's network and peripheral connections, be sure to use Monster Ethernet and USB cables, for lightning-fast throughput and freedom from game-stopping glitches.