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High Performance Micro USB - High Speed - Essentials

Micro USB: The Connection for Most Ultra-compact Portable Devices

These days, portable electronics, smartphones, cameras, and portable media players are an important part of life. Many of today's ultra-compact electronics feature smaller Micro USB connections. This Monster Essentials micro USB to USB adapter gives you Monster quality, for less money.

High Speed for Maximum Data Transfer and Faster Charging

Monster® Essentials Micro USB to USB adapter is a high speed connection for reliable full speed data transfer, and delivers high power for rapid charging of your devices, including Bluetooth® headsets. In fact, this USB adapter has been independently verified with data transfer rates of 800 Mbps. Use Monster Essentials Micro USB cable to keep your digital life in the fast lane.

Six-inch Length Available: Perfect for Clutter-free Laptop Bag Storage

Avoid the bird's nest and go short! The tangle-free, 6-inch Monster Essentials High Speed Micro USB to USB adapter is the perfect way to de-clutter your laptop bag.

Monster Provides Faster Charging than Ordinary Cables

This USB adapter features Monster cable construction for better conductivity and up to 30% faster charging than conventional cables, allowing for faster data transfer. Plus, heavy-duty dual-layer shielding rejects electrical interference, while ultra-flexible Duraflex® protective jacket means you can bend and abuse this cable without threatening performance.