Monster Music® 3 Doors Down: LIVE, Away From The Sun

On Stage in Your Living Room

This Houston Performance is smack in front, hitting you with 20,000 watts of adrenaline. Captured on 28 tracks of high definition audio, plus six tracks from the riotous 20,000 capacity crowd,

Monster Music® 3 Doors Down: LIVE, Away From The Sun (Video SuperDisc with Hang Tab)

3 Doors Down
Now a multi-platinum phenomenon, Todd Harrell, Matt Roberts and Brad Arnold forged a band out of small gigs in southern bars. Selling more than 12 million albums since their 2000 debut, "The Better Life," 3 Doors Down defied critics with heavy-hitting guitars, searing vocals, and crashing drums that fly in the face of pop rock. One of the nation’s top concert draws takes over the stage with aggressive, unbridled intensity.

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Tech Notes
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