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Monster Music® Anjulie: Anjulie

Hear Anjulie’s self-titled debut, Anjulie, like you’ve never heard it before. This HDS High Definition Surround Sound SuperDisc mix gives you auditory insights into the singer/songwriter’s musings that you can’t get with stereo&

Anjulie: Sounding Clearly Amazing
Anjulie’s quickly growing legion of fans already attest that her melodic gifts possess a power that comes through loud and clear in any listening environment, whether in a large venue, or sitting in her room, acoustic guitar in hand, in an intimate, self-posted Youtube video. Now, thanks to this HDS High Definition Surround Sound SuperDisc version of her self-titled debut, the singer/songwriter’s songs are available to fans with a clarity that will share every nuance of Anjulie’s personally revealing songs.
Jan Fairchild, Surround Sound Engineer, who also mixed most of the songs on the original stereo mix of the LP explains. “It’s a really great record with a lot of creativity. And it’s got a lot of elements in it, and to be able to take that and put it in surround, to me, has put it in a completely different place—and a much better place.”
The most important endorsement of the surround sound mix came from the artist, herself.
“Hearing the record in surround sound was quite incredible,” says Anjulie. “You can feel the music more, you can hear the emotion in what the singer is saying. You can feel the bass and the vibration and that’s what I look for when I’m listening to music.”
Ground breaking technology aside, Anjulie has created a very special album that is sure to touch listeners because of a songwriting talent that the music industry has already taken notice of, and want to be a part of. Besides penning the words to her own songs, she’s written for Canadian band, The Philosopher Kings, actress/singer, Emma Roberts as well as superstars, Christina Aguilera and Crunk pioneer Lil Jon.
Hearing Is Believing
This exclusive is mixed in High Definition Surround Sound for an “In the Studio” experience. All the digital music files are encoded with Dolby Headphone Surround and are mastered in audiophile-grade High Defnitition Stereo (PCM 48/24).
About Anjulie
Anjulie comes armed to take on the music world with a unique voice, dripping with sophistication beyond her years and personally revealing, self-penned lyrics.
The youngest of four children, Anjulie grew up in the Toronto suburb of Oaksville, Ontario, raised by immigrant parents from Guyana — a South American nation culturally influenced by its Caribbean neighbors to the north. As a result, her household was filled with everything from Afro-Caribbean calypso, reggae, and South American Latin music, to the pop and rock emanating from her older siblings’ radios. Not a surprising revelation when listening the singer’s multi-genre influenced debut, Anjulie.
Though her music is clearly influenced by the melodies of the world, what makes her music truly powerful is the veteran songwriter's practice of writing highly personal lyrics.
“I think I have something to say lyrically,” she says. “My background is in songwriting, so I’m really invested in melodies, song structure, and payoff choruses, but on this record, I tried to loosen up and just express myself how I wanted to. I really write for myself. I always tell people if they want to know about me, just listen to my music because I really do put it all out there.”
Besides writing her own songs, she’s written for Canadian band, The Philosopher Kings, actress/singer, Emma Roberts as well as superstars, Christina Aguilera and Crunk pioneer Lil Jon.