Monster Prolink Acoustic Instrument Cable - 21 ft

    Monster has been making acoustic guitar cables for almost four decades and they have shown time and time again why they're an industry leader; The Monster Prolink Acoustic Instrument Cables deliver only best in sound quality and durability that the industry has to offer
    The Monster Prolink Acoustic Instrument cables are designed with multi-gauge wire networks that separately guide high, mid, and low frequencies for the true tonality and timbre of your acoustic and hollow-body guitar
    Why settle for expensive guitar cables when you can get the best of the best for a better and justifiable price; Monster's Prolink Acoustic Cables offer the best in class cables to make sure that you get your money's worth
    Designed with durable connector design featuring collet strain relief, a Duraflex protective jacket, 95% copper braided shield, and a custom gold connectors with 24k gold contacts you can be sure that your cables can not only offer superior quality but also a robust and reliable set of cables to make you a Monster for life
    Monster set the standard with the original Lifetime Cable Warranty; The Monster Prolink Rock Cable is 100% covered by this warranty, meaning you're guaranteed a replacement. Simply walk in the store, drop the old cables off, and walk out with a new set

The Monster Prolink Acoustic Instrument Cable is a high-performance, acoustic-specific instrument cable designed for rich, accurate reproduction without frequency and phase distortions.

When it comes to acoustic performances, it's important that you're able to maintain that rich, clean sound as you smoothly transition from one song to another. Designed with patented Time Correct windings that reject interference, and MicroFiber dielectric which enables fast transients and incredible warmth, the Monster Prolink Acoustic Instrument Cable continues to be at the musician's choice. Designed with dense braided shield that minimizes interference and hum, carbon-Infused Polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise, 95% copper braided shield, and a Duraflex protective jacket you can be sure that not only will your music have the best quality it can have but it will also be highly reliable and durable wherever you take it.