M-Series 3000 Certified Premium HDMI 2.1

Size: 4.9 Feet
Sale price$64.99

  • Plug And Play at High Resolution and Speed
  • Top Notch Visual and Audio Support
  • Built To Last
  • Maintain Secure Connection
  • Warranty Protected

All original. All Monster.

Monster has been leading the way with innovation in Headphones, Speakers, HDMI Cables, and Power Solutions for nearly four decades. Head Monster Noel Lee, an entrepreneurial icon in the audio and music industries, has worked with some of the world’s finest musicians and professionals. He started Monster Cable & Monster Power over 40 years ago in a San Francisco garage. 567 patents later, Noel has made milestones in design, comfort, and performance with successes like Beats by Dr. Dre. Monster has now moved beyond the status quo, trailblazing with even higher-performance headphones and speakers starring Pure Monster Sound®, which Noel personally designs and tunes himself. Why? Creativity, Innovation, and Because the Music Matters.