Monster ScreenClean

Size: 60ml / 2oz
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  • Removes dust dirt, oily fingerprints, and other particles from your electronic devices such as your HDTVs (LED, LCDs, Plasma), Tablets, Laptops, Smart Phones, and Eyeglasses.
  • Leaves your smartphone, tablet, computer displays, and other devices with a micro-thin layer of dust repellant guaranteeing devices stay clean.
  • The Monster Screen Cleaner Kit includes a microfiber cloth that helps dry the screen.
  • Our no-drip cleaner can leave your laptops, phones, and other electronic device screens with no stains, streaks, or drips.
  • Turn off your electronic device, keep the screen completely cool, spray the screen clean onto the supplied microfiber cloth, then use the microfiber cloth to clean your device; be sure that the cleaner is compatible with your display before using.
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